Indian bankruptcy, World market nearing collapse

 Considering the internal affairs of Akhand Bharat and Shining India, they do not have toilets for relief, women do not use sanitary pads and hygiene situation is so bad that there is awareness campaign for months. Poverty is such that one out of every three people lacks basic food.
Not only this, education and health facilities are not available to the same people. On the other hand, India is one of the ten largest markets in the world. The situation has reached that even the banks of India have started going bankrupt. The bank owners went bankrupt because they were ordered by the Reserve Bank to close their accounts.

At a UN meeting, Modi's bank, which promoted Shining India, went bankrupt. The Reserve Bank of India has banned business transactions with PMC Bank. Account holders can withdraw only one thousand rupees in six months, Citizens say, before the Eid, Article 370 has been abolished by the Eid of Kashmiris and now the Diwali of these Indians is blackened.
The Reserve Bank of India has banned any kind of commercial transaction on Mumbai and Maharashtra Cooperative Bank Limited in Mumbai. Account holders will be able to withdraw only Rs 1,000 from their savings, current or any other account within a period of six months. After the RBI decision, a large number of account holders arrived at the bank, adding one rupee citizen. Rain on Modi.
According to Indian media, as per March 2019 data, the bank has around Rs 11617 crore of common people and companies. It is not the first time that banks in India have taken public money but before many such fake banks. The news of the media has been adorned with millions of people who have become dizzy.

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