Israel has gained the ability to destroy the illegal mathematician

 It is as clear as daylight that Israel has occupied Palestinian soil and is backing the United States. Prime Minister Imran Khan also made it clear in an interview in the United States that until then Nothing can happen unless he returns to Palestine his land.
However, now the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Revolution has made a very big statement that he has made a program to erase Israel from the surface. Destruction of rivals has become 'achievable target'. According to AFP report, Maj. Gen. Hussein Salami said that "the illicit state will be removed from the map and this is not a distant dream, a viable target." ۔

"In the four decades of Iran's Islamic Revolution, we have managed to gain the ability to destroy the Zionist illegal state," he said. In an interview, General Hussein Salami said, "The Zionist regime is on the verge of collapse because from the beginning it is legally hollow and Israel has no land or population, even in the history of the world." Is'.
He said that Israel's internal problems and threats have increased and that its riots in the region have pervaded the Islamic world, which has led to large arms-armed groups and forces against it. " It said, "In the first phase of the Islamic Revolution, it has the potential to destroy it. But in the second phase, the corrupt state must be removed from the geography of the world and this important issue is not ideally a dream but a achievable goal."
It may be recalled that such a harsh statement from the Iranian general against Israel did not come to the fore for the first time, but they have warned of their power before, but their statement comes at a time when their territory is in the region. Relations between Saudi Arabia are strained and war risks.

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