PTI leader Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain raises questions on Gilani Ismail's escape abroad

PTI leader Dr Aamir Liaquat Hussain raises questions on Gilani Ismail's escape abroad

Talking to PTI leader Gulalai Ismail, the leader of the conflict organization had fled abroad. Talking about this, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Dr Amir Liaqat says how the PTM female leader Gulai Ismail escaped from Pakistan. The big question is. Amir Liaquat said that this question I am asking people who are doing, who creates an exit control list and monitors that those in the ECL do not flee the country. Coin, Amir Liaquat said that Gilani Ismail has sought political asylum in the United States.
After taking refuge in the United States, she has also interviewed the New York Times. In which she says that I have reached here with great difficulty, but I cannot tell the names of the facilitators who helped me to get out of Pakistan.

Amir Liaquat added that a senior journalist has reported that Afghanistan helped oust Gilali from Pakistan and his facilitators were present in Afghanistan who provided enormous support to Gilali Ismail.

The institutions here will have to answer how Gulalai finally escaped from Pakistan. Amir Liaquat said that I was very heartbroken over this matter. It is important to keep Gilani Ismail poisoning and making hateful speeches against the state and Pak army. He was arrested on the charge, but was later released earlier this year. Gilani Ismail's name was included in the ECL and he could not leave Pakistan in any case.
But now they have fled abroad in mysterious ways. There is no record of Gilani Ismail's departure at any of the country's airports. Which proves that they have fled abroad via land route. Sources claim that Gilani Ismail has probably fled abroad through Afghanistan. It is said that Gilali Ismail was escorted abroad in a systematic manner. She was constantly wearing a burqa in Pakistan, and was gradually escaped after several days of exile. It is reported that Gilani Ismail has reached his sister in the US.

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