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Finally, the critic has to tweet on Kashmir after criticism of the attacks.

By not talking to Kashmir, Mahesh Hayat provoked social media users

Lahore - (Urdu Point Newsletter - October 01, 2019) Mahesh lives are always adorned with news. Sometimes scandals are for movies and sometimes for orphans and other welfare jobs. Like the Mafia, why disappear when it comes to human rights and innocent children in Palestine and Kashmir.
Malala Yousafzai also kept quiet about speaking on the Kashmir issue until social media users made an intimidation over the tweet of the iPhone X and her clothes being matched. On leaving, they refused to respond. Mahesh Hayat, a prestigious medalist who has always talked openly on political issues, feminism and Kashmir in the past, however, recently talked to journalists who declined to answer the Kashmir question, After which everyone is criticizing them.

Mahesh Hayat was present at an event when a journalist questioned Kashmir regarding the issue: As he has taken over the orphans' sponsorship, will he also take care of the children of Kashmir? Responding to this, actress Mahesh Hayat denied saying that I was forbidden to speak on Kashmir issue. The response has begun to fall short of criticism and everyone is criticizing the actress. Mahesh Hayat responds to those who criticize Twitter.
The actress said that the video that was going viral on social media is being removed from the context, I am talking and working openly on Kashmir issue globally, I have many big projects ahead. Mahesh wrote in the tweet that it was a welfare event and I was requested to abstain from political dialogue so as not to miss the orphanage of the children who came to the event to help.

Updates on the controversial Kashmir flaming fire

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