Use of drones to deliver drugs and mobiles to prison

   There have been reports that in prison many prisoners have access to anti-mobile and drug-related facilities. In doing so, they often get the facility of jail staff. The search was carried out and thousands of cell phones were recovered from the prisoners.
The issue is not only available in Pakistan but also in most countries around the world. Prisoners receive illegal facilities in prisons. In our neighboring India, underworld gangs are operating from prison and terrorism. There have also been incidents reported by people sitting in jail.

However, jail drugs and cell phones have also been reported in the United States.

A video is going viral on social media where it can be seen that the prisoners in one of the prisons are looking up to the sky. In this case something falls from the sky and they catch it. Mobile phones and drugs are supplied through drone cameras. In the US jail on social media, video of the captive prisoners skyrocketing has gone viral in which mobile phones can be seen falling from the atmosphere.
According to the media report, this is actually an innovative way of using the drone service to supply cell phones and drugs to fellow prisoners in US prisons, which CCTV cameras have secured. They use crime but these cleverness do not last long and are eventually taken away as the CCTV camera saved the crime. Even before this there were many reports of drug supply in jail. About which the prison administration is taking action.

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