Boeing and Porsche are working on an electric flying car

Boeing has partnered with luxury carmaker Porsche, after which the two are working on the concept of a flying car that can perform vertical take-off and landing. Engineers from both companies are working on this, Engineers from both companies will jointly make and test the prototype of the car. The vehicle will then be sold under the Porsche brand.

The cooperation of the two companies will not be limited to just flying cars. The two companies will also operate in the city with respect to air travel facilities.

Porsche said in its announcement that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, under which they will form an international team. The team will work to improve aviation travel in cities.

The team will also research the anticipated market for premium flying cars in the cities.
According to the report, Airbus SE, the competing company of Boeing, is already experiencing vertical take-off and landing flying car. With the help of Larry Page, Katie Hawk recently created a vertical take off and landing prototype for a person. It's a hundred times more quiet than a helicopter.

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