Finally Android 10 has a dark mode for Gmail too

Google introduced Dark Mood Pitcher for Gmail for Android last September. After that, this feature went live for a few users. Now it is known that this feature is working for most users of Android 10.
In Dark mode the apps background is black and text is white. This is in stark contrast to the Lite mode, which makes it easy to see the mobile in the dark and not strain the eyes while watching the mobile.

Dark mode also saves battery on emulated display smart phones. The phone in this display turns off the pixels and creates a dark color, so that they do not use a pixel battery.
To use Dark Mode in Gmail, tap the Hamburger menu on the left side of the search bar. Then scroll down to Settings. Then tap General Settings and then Theme. Here you will see three option lights, Dark and System Defaults. The system default will only be turned on when the entire Android 10 system is turned on.

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