Fingerprint issue of Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 intensified

Last week, news came out that Samsung Galaxy S10 users were having problems using the Ultra Sonic Fingerprint. Users said that this fingerprint could also unlock the phone. This problem is also present in the Galaxy S10 Plus and Note 10 series, which exacerbated the problem.
Samsung said in its official statement that certain silicone screen protectors are the cause of the problem.
Samsung advised users to stop using these screen protectors and register their fingerprints again without it.
In a new development, a Note 10 user unlocked the phone by placing a TPU cutout on the fingerprint scanner.

This shows that the real problem is not with the screen protector of the phone. The video that the user has made shows them registering the fingerprint without the screen protector.

The video then shows them holding a TPU cutout at the bottom of the screen for 1 minute 22 seconds and opening the screen with a non-registered fingerprint. They have done this process several times with different fingers. What is the experience on smartphones with eginos chip sets? Check whether the Note 10 or S10 with the Snapdragon chip set has this problem.
Samsung has also released a software update for the Ignis Note 10 Plus FiveG, which will solve the problem by installing it.
On the other hand, the fingerprint authentication feature of Note 10 and S10 smartphones from several US and European banks has been removed so that no user account can be hacked due to this error.

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