Medical Board decides to impose Nawaz Sharif M plate on platelets

Medical Hospital Lahore Lahore Medical Board decides to apply platelets to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, platelets of Nawaz Sharif have decreased further. According to media reports, the platelets of PML-N leader and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif further declined.
The number of platelets in the services hospital report has been reduced to 2 thousand. The first report of Nawaz Sharif's services hospital came 10 thousand. The number of platelets was checked automatically and manually. It has been decided to install a Magent of Lettuce.

Party President Shahbaz Sharif gave blood sample to donate blood.

Prof Saqib Shafi has also been summoned after Nawaz Sharif's check-up. PIC chairman Prof Saqib Shafi will assist the Medical Board. have been. On the other hand, N-League activists are also praying for the immediate recovery of Nawaz Sharif on social media.
She is also demanding release of Maryam Nawaz so that she can return to her father's hospital and spend time with her. While the PML-N president, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, visited the services hospital under the leadership of PML-N leader Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif sought his well-being from the Nawaz Sharif. Consulted on their health and medical treatment.
Shahbaz Sharif said that Nawaz Sharif's platelets had fallen down dangerously but Allah Almighty did not have bleeding from his nose and ramana. Typically, between 1.5 and 4 million, platelets have come down so fast that should be a serious concern and should be done regularly. I demand his inquiry and it is the worst negligence that the platelets were not moved to the hospital in such a timely manner.

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