Nawaz Sharif's doctor informed about platelets at 7 pm: Ahsan Iqbal

 PML-N secretary general Ahsan Iqbal has said that Nawaz Sharif's personal physician had informed the platelets at 7 pm, instead of timely treatment of jail authorities, the prisoner kept on nighting, if any harm to Nawaz Sharif's health, listen to Imran Niazi! You will be responsible, you should be raised in a bowl. He said at a press conference here today that everyone knows that Nawaz Sharif's health has suddenly deteriorated.
Doctors said that Nawaz Sharif's health was in danger, Nawaz Sharif's platelets were taken to the hospital when he fell below 10 thousand and the information that the government adviser was making a statement about was shameful and frightening for any human being. Is the place to die. No one in the world's civil society makes such comments.

Earlier, when Kalsoom was ailing, PTI made fun of his illness.

When I was assassinated, PTI's media cell photoshopped the photograph, which is one of the worst spots on politics. They introduced a politics that mocked the opponents' disease. People go to Google or any web site to check if the risk of bleeding occurs after 20,000 cuts which should be treated immediately.
Yesterday, Nawaz Sharif's personal doctor told the authorities at 7 pm but the authorities kept sleeping on the report, the authorities should have taken steps to transfer Nawaz Sharif to the hospital but threw the report of the officials in the trash. That the PTI is introducing third-level politics within the country. Imran Niazi directly imposes responsibility for the game being played with Nawaz Sharif's health; if any harm to Nawaz Sharif's health, then listen to Imran Niazi! You will be responsible, you will be raised in the bowl.
It is a political punishment in Pakistan that has introduced the politics of hatred, jealousy and arrogance. It is not only messing up the country's democracy, but also destroying the economy of Pakistan, PTI's economy. 9/11 has been proven. PTI has made the emerging economy a low quality economy. Today Pakistan's currency has become Asia's weakest currency.

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